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This website is now officially static. I haven't played in the Gorean arena for years, though I still get email on this website. Many people have asked to link to it, my original dances, dance class and training class. Out of memory of my time in Gor and my respect for the now deceased Darkholm, I will leave this website up until I feel it necessary to take down. Thank you to everyone who emails me permission to link to it. I appreciate the honor and respect. (As a side note, anyone from AOL claiming this website as their own is lying. As I mentioned, I no longer roam the halls of Gor in any fashion other than this archive website.)


(For those of you who have told me how much you love this picture, that is a 'shot between the eyes' and that you -really- want to where I got it - finally, I have rediscovered the artist: Jonathon Earl Bowser. Take a look at his site, he has a number of beautiful works.)


Urth Capture

I was a student at UC Berkeley in California when I saw the Gorean Master. At the time, I did not know he was Gorean. He was just one more man ogling the co-eds who were stretched out on the lawn, studying or sleeping or tanning in the glorious California summer sun.

It was warm, finally after all the spring rains. The second week of hot weather heralded the coming of mini-skirts, short shorts and halter tops... and of course, the mating calls of the testosterone filled males who were just itching to sow their wild oats.

I was stretched out in the grass, wearing short jean shorts, a white tank top and sandles. I had braided my redgold hair into a loose french braid that hung over my shoulder. While I was studying for a Calculus test, I felt a pair of eyes on me. Looking up and around, I saw about 15 feet away, a huge man leaning up against a tree . He was staring at me.

I shrugged and continued to reading, going over my notes. I was used to men staring, though not quite so blatantly. Most men wanted to play it cool. I glanced up again and saw that he was still staring at me and decided to let him know that I knew he was there.

I looked directly at him and slid my sunglasses down, letting him see my eyes and see that I noticed him. He was tall and bronze with dark hair and serious eyes. His clothes did not fit him very well. As I looked at him and looked him over, I wondered if he was going to get the nerve to ask me out or if he just liked to look. After about a minute of this, I got a little uneasy at the way he was looking at me and slid my sunglasses back up, dismissing him with the motion. As I went back to my books, I heard him say. "You'll do." Startled, I looked up at him, but he had already turned and walked away.

I went home, read a little bit, and then took a long hot shower. I slipped into a little black dress for my date that night. As I finished blow drying my hair and was running a brush through it, I heard a knock at the door. "Come in. It's open." I called out. I finished brushing my hair and turned on the curling iron, then came out of my bathroom, still talking to my guest. "I'm sorry I'm running late, Todd. I got caught up ---" My heart stopped beating. There, before me, stood the strange man from this afternoon and not my date as I had assumed it was.

A slow smile crossed his lips as I backed away in fear. I tensed, ready to defend myself. "Yes, you will do." He told me, his eyes possessively roaming my body. I opened my mouth to scream for help, as I smelled a sweet scent. My body went limp as I spiralled into darkness before a sound could escape my lips.

I awoke in sumptuous, archaic apartments, bound to a steel ring. I looked out the window into the night sky, trying to gather my scattered thoughts, only to have my world view shattered. 3 bright moons greeted my eyes. I knew either I was not on earth or I was crazy. Remembering the strange man, I struggled to free myself to no avail and then stopped as the door to the room opened.

A large man with brown hair and blue eyes wearing leathers and a red cloak walked in. In English he said, "Greetings little barbarian. I am your Master. And you... are my slave."

Thus began my new life as a Gorean pleasure slave. There were a lot of hard lessons to be learned in those first few months before I finally accepted the freedom of the kohler and to learn what it meant to be a slave. Occassionally, this one does remember her life on Urth, but no longer wishes to return. Now, Gor is my home. La kajira.

Stories by Eden
Seeking the Assassin: Eden meets Master Pah-Kur *(The Gorean story version based on a dream)*.
The Rogue: A story of an attempted assassination. (Gorean)
Death of a Slave Girl: An uncommonly cruel, callous and unpleasant story. (Warning: Snuff)(Feb 98)

Gorean Poems by Eden
Chain Sisters: Dedicated to shanna{KUR}. - Poem
Bonds: Bonds of the Master.
Assassin's Oath: The Oath written for the Black Caste.
Forbidden: Written with Byron Moore.
Death of a Warrior: Written for Darkholm of Turia.

Real Life Thoughts on a Fantasy World
Story of a Liar: A warning to all on IRC GOR. (UPDATED: 9 Nov 1999)
To Infinity and Beyond: My RL experience being branded.

Dances by eden
I never thought I would have to write this, however, it seems I must. You are welcome to read these dances for ideas and for help but, please, do not steal them lock, stock and barrel. If you wish to dance one of these dances, please email and ask me. Dances should come from the heart and mind - not from taken from another's website.

Capture Dance: Very first dance, based on Eden's first "capture" on Earth. (see: Seeking the Assassin)
Submission Dance: Submission may be forced, but it is so much sweeter when it is given.
Dance of 7 Veils: A classic dance.
Sensuous Dance: The beauty of a body in slow motion.
Belt Dance: The classic dance where the slave does not rise above the belt of the Warrior she dances before.
Pole Dance: The slave uses the whipping pole in her dance.... as her partner... her Master
Single-Tail Whip Dance: An unusual dance where the slave weilds the whip. (Not the norm.)
The Chain Dance: A portrait of a woman's capture, defiance, and ultimately, her submission.

It is not a dance, but is much like it... the rare Dual Serve where two slaves work closely in tandum to serve their Master with love and devotion.

A song, March of the Legion, written for the Legion of Warriors.

Classes by eden
Serving Class: A basic class on serving - primarly focusing on serving drinks. Also, a small list of drinks and foods.
Dance Class: A basic class on building a dance from conception to scripting.


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